54% of Indian Crypto Investors Surveyed in Q2 Aimed to Invest More in 6 Months – KuCoin


54% of Indian Crypto Investors Surveyed in Q2 Aimed to Invest More in 6 Months – KuCoin

Despite the latest market downturn, more than 50% of India’s survey respondents intend to expand their investments in crypto in the coming six months – indicating an optimistic approach to the market, according to a report by crypto exchange KuCoin.

$100 a Day Crypto Trading Strategy for Beginners (Crypto Scalping Strategy)

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0:00 Intro
0:41 Trading venue
1:18 Assumptions
1:51 Crypto trading strategy: identify trend
4:09 Crypto trading strategy: explanation
6:00 Crypto trading strategy: moving averages
9:24 Crypto trading strategy: the trade
11:05 Crypto trading strategy: entry point
13:07 Crypto trading strategy: exit points
14:21 Crypto trading strategy: more examples
15:30 Pro tips

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Concerns Regarding Artificial Intelligence According to the KuCoin Survey

Concerns Regarding Artificial Intelligence According to the KuCoin Survey

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