Accenture Sees Strong Demand for Digital Assets Among Asian Investors, but Hesitancy Among Advisory Firms


Accenture Sees Strong Demand for Digital Assets Among Asian Investors, but Hesitancy Among Advisory Firms

There is a strong demand for digital assets among investors in Asia, but wealth management firms remain hesitant to support them, according to a new report from consulting giant Accenture.

AWS re:Invent 2017: GPS: Cloud-Based Regtech Solutions on AWS (GPSBUS209)

With recent reports that banks face a regulatory change every 12 minutes, it’s no wonder firms increasingly look to automate compliance and reduce operational risk. By leveraging the latest technology advances—including cognitive computing, enhanced analytics, digital identities, big data, and the cloud—they hope to reduce their compliance burdens and free human and financial capital for more productive uses. Today’s cutting-edge approaches offer advantages for agility, speed, and ease of integration. In this session, we dive deeper into the cloud-based RegTech solutions that are available on AWS.

Access to Digital Resources and Connectivity

In this edition of EdTech Monday, leading experts in the digital economy and education technology discuss the measures to take to address the gaps in accessing digital resources and connectivity in our learning ecosystem.

How ESG Metrics Work And Why All Investors Should Care

“The Conscious Investor” is presented by Nuveen.

Martin Kremenstein, head of retirement and ETF solutions at Nuveen, explains how ESG metrics serve as an indicator of quality and can be used as a risk management tool.

According to research from MSCI, companies in the bottom ESG quintile have been twice as likely to suffer a catastrophic loss (over 95% cumulative loss) within three years.

MSCI downgraded Equifax to the lowest ESG rating on cybersecurity concerns a year before the data breach was announced.

Kremenstein says that Facebook was excluded from Nuveen’s NuShares ESG Large-Cap Growth ETF from the time it launched in December 2016. He explains, “it scored relatively poorly, compared to other tech companies over data privacy concerns.”


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India surpasses Singapore in digital asset holdings : Accenture