North Korea’s Lazarus Group Behind Axie Infinity`s Ronin Hack, Say US Treasury, FBI


North Korea’s Lazarus Group Behind Axie Infinity's Ronin Hack, Say US Treasury, FBI

The United States Treasury Department has sanctioned an ethereum (ETH) address that it says received coins stolen in the Ronin Validator hack – and the FBI has claimed that the North Korean Lazarus group of hackers was behind the security breach.

Crypto: Tornado Cash reportedly tied to North Korean hackers Lazarus Group

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Yahoo Finance crypto reporter David Hollerith details how Tornado Cash has been allegedly tied to North Korean hackers, and also previews Coinbase’s upcoming earnings report.
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U.S. puts sanctions on N. Korean hacking groups behind global cyberattacks

美 재무부, 北 해킹그룹 제재…협상 영향 주목

The U.S. Treasury Department placed sanctions on three hacking groups controlled by North Korea for their part in major global cyberattacks.
But coming ahead of possible Pyeongyang-Washington nuclear talks later this month,… how would the move affect the direction of the negotiations.
Park Hee-jun starts us off.
The U.S. Treasury Department has placed sanctions on North Korean hackers,… who it holds responsible for major global cyberattacks.
In a statement on Friday, local time,… the Treasury Department announced the action against the group, known as the “Lazarus Group”, along with two of its sub-groups.
They’re controlled by the North’s primary intelligence bureau,… which has already been placed under sanctions by the U.S. and the UN Security Council.
These groups are accused of organizing the 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack,… as well as other cyber-attacks on international organizations.
According to the department, Lazarus Group targets government, military, financial and entertainment-related institutions,… using tactics such as cyber espionage, data theft, and destructive malware operations.
It’s already well-known for its cyber-attacks against Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014.
Claiming that these groups’ activities served to fund the regime’s illicit weapon and missile programs,… the department added that it will continue to enforce U.S. and UN sanctions to enhance the cybersecurity of financial networks against North Korea’s attempts.
This is the fifth set of U.S.-led sanctions against North Korea this year.
It comes just days after U.S. President Donald Trump fired his National Security Advisor John Bolton,… known for his hardline stance against Pyeongyang.
There had been speculation that Bolton’s sacking could signal Washington adopting a softer stance toward North Korea.
But the latest announcement shows that the Trump administration will be keeping pressure on the North, even while maintaining dialogue.
Coming at a time when Pyeongyang and Washington are anticipated to resume their denuclearization talks later this month,… it remains to be seen how the North will accept the latest sanctions,… and how it will affect the nuclear negotiations.
Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.

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North Korea’s secretive nuclear weapons programme – The Lazarus Heist S2, Ep9 – BBC World Service

“Are you a North Korean hacker?” “Yes, I am.” Investigators say money from the Lazarus Group’s hacks is flowing into Kim Jong-un’s nuclear weapons programme. Can it be stopped?

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Despite sanctions and closed borders, money and materials for Kim Jong-un’s nuclear weapons programme are still finding their way into North Korea, aided by hackers. Where could it lead?

The hackers are back. In fact, the cyber criminals never went away. The Lazarus Heist Season 2 tells the story of the theft of billions of dollars around the globe. Investigators say a secretive, elite North Korean hacking ring is responsible. Nicknamed the Lazarus Group, it’s claimed they are becoming more ambitious, more audacious and more successful. North Korea says it has nothing to do with these cybercrimes, saying the United States is making these allegations to try and tarnish its image.

The Lazarus Heist podcast is presented by cybercrime investigative journalist Geoff White and veteran foreign correspondent and renowned North Korea expert Jean Lee.

Podcast producer: Vivien Jones

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Life Inside North Korea’s Hacker Army

North Korea has sent hundreds of programmers abroad to make money by any means necessary. With the latest U.S. hacking charges, we take a look at the lives of this secret army, their fears and dreams.

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